Upcoming Exhibits

Mark your calendar for our upcoming exhibits, starting with a focus on 'Cardiac Risk.' These exhibits are not just visually captivating but are grounded in scientific research conducted by Stress Vitals. Experience the synergy of art, science, and global health at a location near you.

Discover practical insights into cardiac risk through our research-based, interactive exhibits. While these exhibits are purely educational and not intended for medical diagnosis or treatment, they offer engaging cognitive activities. Our preliminary research suggests that these activities may contribute to a better understanding of your own susceptibility to cardiac risk.

2023: Cardiac Risk Art Exhibits



2023 - November

All Maricopa County

2023 - December

All USA and International

2024 - January

2024: Financial Stress & Heart Health: An Interactive Experience

Our Next Exhibit: Explore the link between financial stress and cardiac health through interactive art and evidence-based research.

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