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Experience the power of art and science in promoting global health

About Us

We are the International Health Museum of Art (IHMOA), a pioneering institution that travels the globe to bring the transformative power of art into the realm of healthcare. Our exhibits are not just visually captivating; they are backed by scientific research that proves their healing properties. By merging art, science, and global health initiatives, we aim to make therapeutic art accessible to marginalized communities worldwide.

brown and red cross print box
brown and red cross print box

Our Projects

Art for Health Education & Healing

Explore our curated art exhibits, grounded in scientific research, that focus on promoting well-being. Our current exhibit tackles cardiac risk, and we're excited to announce our upcoming exhibit on financial stress.

Exhibits for the Underserved

Discover our specialized art exhibits, meticulously curated and backed by scientific research, to serve the often-neglected communities. Our current spotlight is on cardiac risk, a critical health issue affecting many. Stay tuned for our upcoming exhibit that delves into the impact of financial stress on well-being.


Health Education Booklets

Explore our free, research-based booklets on critical health topics. Available in multiple languages, they're your guide to a healthier life.


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